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Blue Jay (Backpack Puppet) for Mayday 2013,

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Julie and Gustavo Boada after a decade of  Puppeteering around Minneapolis and Saint Paul have decided to wrap their passion and love for the puppets  under the artistic name of "The Little Coyote Puppet Theater"

We are passionate about creating and performing puppet shows that connect children of all ages  with the wisdom and culture of our ancestors. 

The stories  and characters embody the perspectives and values of our ancestors, helping our audiences  to develop understanding as they find their place in our diverse world. 

But Little Coyote Puppet Theater also entertains and allows us reveal our emotions in a whole new experience.

Heroes into Monsters  (Paper mache puppets) Myanmar story.


We use a wide variety of puppets: Hand puppets and shadow puppets, Rod puppets,  Marionettes and  Statues puppets.
And we mix the styles and techniques to adapt  to our stories.
We build puppets with different mixed techniques, using modest, cheap and reused materials. Our favorite materials are the love of our hands and the heart chat we have with them while we work.

The Little Coyote Puppet Theater


Julie and Gustavo have been creating puppetry and puppet shows together for 11 years. Some of these puppet shows come from Latin America and others from American Indian Nations. We have tried different names in these years, but for two years we have adopted this little coyote, who conquered us with his antics and his tenderness. We are inspired by the children we have worked with in schools across Minnesota. We see the image of this little coyote, teaching us a new perspective, opening their hearts to us or reminding us of the child that lives in all human beings.
We hope that the spirit of this little coyote manifests itself in front of you the next time we meet.


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The Little Coyote Puppet Theater

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